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Mortgage brokers are professional intermediaries in the money lending industry. They work with you to determine your financial position and then provide recommendations on borrowing and repayment capacity. Brokers will ensure you work within the parameters of the banking sector and don’t take out a loan that is unsuitable for you. Professional Mortgage Brokers are qualified and accredited to provide you advice on borrowing money. The same way a lawyer is trained to provide legal advice. Brokers have access to resources within financial institutions that an everyday person doesn’t. This means your broker can find a loan that is just right for you.

There is no charge for using a broker’s service. Normally, any new business a brokers generates for a financial institution is compensated with a commission payment to the broker. Interest rates and Service levels to you are not affected. In exceptional circumstances within some complex transactions, we may charge a service fee. Disclosure of all fees is advised beforehand so that there are no surprises.

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As a first home buyer, your commitment to buy a home is usually the largest financial investment you have ever made. It will put you in control your financial future and provide you and your love ones the sense of security you’ve always wanted. Not having to move unless you want to, or if you choose to sell. This investment will provide you the ability to contribute to your future rather than paying someone else mortgage and increasing their wealth, you‘ll be building your own.
At iFinance we can help you with the First Home Owners Grant and ensure you obtain all the benefits on offer. Our assistance will extend to providing you with options so that you can choose the right home loan to suit your needs and your lifestyle.

Are you considering making a move? Have you considered if your current loan is the most appropriate financial solution for your needs? If you’re planning or even if you’re ready to build your next home or buy that property you’ve been eyeing off, it’s a great time to review your loan.
We live in a world of constant change, why would we think that loan solutions are any different. What have interest rates done since you’ve borrow last? What will they do moving forward, do I want a fixed or variable loan? Do I need an offset facility? These are all questions that an experienced buyer would consider.
We can explain the options available to you and help you save time. There’s no need to figure it out on your own, we do this every single day. Why not ask an expert?

Are you looking for your next investment? Considering your options for long term growth and a good return. If your investment strategy is focused on investments in property which offer good rental returns and capital growth then we can help you finance those investments.
Obtaining the right financial solution is critical when executing your investment strategy. The right investment loan will save you fees and interest charges, whether it’s a line of Credit or an interest only loan, perhaps a Self-Managed Super Fund facility is your requirement. Our team of experts are here to assist, provide options and guidance. If you’d like to discuss your investment strategy, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking to upgrade or downsize, or are simply buying another property our team is here to assist, provide options and guidance. We have the flexibility to provide solutions to meet your needs, whether you wish to:
⦁ Buy before you sell
⦁ Buy and sell at the same time
⦁ Sell first, buy later
Our friendly staff are here to help answer all of your hard questions.